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We have a special language program conceived to get the student speaking from their first class.  Our approach is based on motivation and conversation. We combine the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Students will take a placement test on their first day of studies. This test measures oral and writing skills. It helps us place each student in a class which matches their level. Students will also take a test at the end of each level. If they have successfully completed the course, Fun Learning Languages will present them with a certificate. Teachers will also provide daily support and feedback during the course. Students will know what skills they need to improve in order to achieve each level’s goals.
We have 8 levels. These are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for Languages:
Level 8 8 weeks                                 C1 Advanced
Level 7 8 weeks                                 B2 Advanced
Level 6 8 weeks                                 B1 Advanced
Level 5 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 4 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 3 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 2 4 weeks                                 A1 Beginner 
Level 1 4 weeks                                 A1 Beginner
 # of weeks      4   8   12    16    20  24  28   32 36  44  


– Courses held at our Institute (365A Wilson Avenue)



Group classes (4 to 8 students)
We have small groups, maximum eight students per class. This way each student gets enough attention and can participate actively.
Private lessons (one-on-one)
One-on-one learning.  If you want to learn fast and get all the teacher’s attention, this is the way to do it.  Our course will be tailor-made to your specific needs. It is also more flexible to your schedule and you can book the classes at a time and day which is most convenient for you.

* Registration and certificate are included in the price.

 Course    # of hours    Price per student  
 Group classes (4 to 8 students) 24 $297
 Semi-private classes (2 to 3 students) 24 $456
1 $45
Private lessons (one-on-one) 10 $400
20 $720

(Prices before HST)


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– Corporate Courses

Read more about our Corporate Courses

Do you need to learn a language for business? Fun Learning Languages offers corporate classes at your place of work (in your office or a meeting room), or at your home.  Customer convenience is very important to us.  Let us know the place in which you prefer to have class and we will send a language instructor there.


The prices of our corporate courses are shown below:

* Registration and certificate are included in the price


 # of Hours 

 Price per student 

Group classes (4 students or more)







Semi-private classes (2 to 3 students)










Private lessons (one-on-one)





(Prices before HST)



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