At Fun Learning Languages to learn French is not only easy, but fun. When I started the beginner’s course, the three hours of the class seemed few because the teacher -a lady that speaks many languages- gave us the confidence to speak and make mistakes, but she corrected subtly our pronunciation. I recall when we had to learn the lyrics of the song: ‘Je l’aime à mourir’; we had a lot of fun, though we didn’t learn to sing! I definetely recommend Fun Learning Languages, is a small, cozy school, with friendly and professionally trained teachers.

“Matthew is a dynamic, patient and organized teacher, with great knowledge of the English language, its grammar, pronunciation and particularities.  He is also very punctual and respectful.  I strongly recommend him to learn English.”

Miguel Gómez, Etobicoke

“I have really enjoyed having Norman as a teacher. When I first started taking Spanish classes, I didn’t know a single word of Spanish.  The first day, Norman came in speaking only Spanish and surprisingly, I was able to follow the class. He used different methods to explain new concepts in Spanish.  He used the whiteboard, pictures, cards, CDs and other materials in order to facilitate my understanding.

Norman also has an excellent personality.  He has shown a lot of patience, especially when I don’t understand a new grammar concept the first time or when he has to repeat the meaning of a word he had told me the week before.  Norman is also very flexible and good at adapting his lessons according to the needs of the learner.  All in all, Norman is an excellent example of what a Spanish teacher should be like.  I have appreciated each and every class with him.” 


Nancy Fillion, Montreal

“Norman has helped me immensely in learning Spanish. His lessons are challenging, but his relaxed attitude makes it feel easy. After studying with Norman I traveled to Spain and was able to speak with confidence from day one.”


Graham Campbell, Toronto
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