English for International Students in Toronto, Canada

(English Summer Program June 26-August 18)

Are you thinking of studying English abroad? Fun Learning Language Institute (FLLI) in TORONTO, CANADA will provide you with everything you need. Our certified teachers offer English language training with REGULAR courses (20 hours per week), INTENSIVE courses (25 hours per week), or SUPER-INTENSIVE COURSES (30 hours per week).

Staff from FLLI will meet you at the airport when you arrive and drive you to your accommodations. We will also drop you off at the airport at the end of your stay. We offer several accommodation options: a home-stay with a Canadian English-speaking family or a residence with other international students of English.

It is necessary for international students to purchase health insurance with a Canadian insurance company. Fun Learning Languages will help you in this process.


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Niagara Falls

fun learning language institute niagara falls


Would you like to explore Canada or the United States? You will be able to travel on weekends or for longer periods of time (if you arrange your trip in advance). Fun Learning Languages will assist you in planning your trip. There is no shortage of sights to see and it is easy to travel to them from Toronto. For example, the world-famous natural wonder, Niagara Falls, is only a 1.5 hour bus-ride away. East of Toronto, you can visit the cities of Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. These places are accessible by train or airplane. In the United States, the world-class cities of Chicago and New York are easily connected with Toronto by air. Visas are required to enter the United States.



Course Description for International Students

We offer regular courses (20 hours per week, 4 hours per day), intensive courses (25 hours per week, 5 hours per day), and super-intensive (30 hours per week, 6 hours per day). Classes are held from Monday to Friday.  The weekends are free so students can explore Toronto and the rest of Canada.  The daily schedule of each course consists of three parts. We start with grammar and then move to reading and writing. The day concludes with conversation activities. Our courses are designed to give every student effective exposure to authentic English. You will encounter a stimulating and interactive learning environment. And you will have fun!

We can also help you prepare for international English exams, like CELPIP, IELTS, and TOEFL.  Click here for more information on these tests.


 We have 8 levels, according to the CEFR  for Languages:
Level 8 8 weeks                                 C1 Advanced
Level 7 8 weeks                                 B2 Advanced
Level 6 8 weeks                                 B1 Advanced
Level 5 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 4 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 3 4 weeks                                 A2 Intermediate
Level 2 4 weeks                                 A1 Beginner 
Level 1 4 weeks                                 A1 Beginner
 # of weeks      4   8   12    16    20  24  28   32 36  44  

Prices for International English Programs 2013 – 2014

The table below shows English program prices at F.L.L.I. Every hour represents 60 minutes of class time (unlike some institutions that charge by the hour yet offer only 45, 50, or 55 minutes of actual class time).

Number of Weeks  Regular Program (20 hours per week)   Intensive Program (25 hours per week)   Super-intensive Program (30 hours per week)
1 to 3 weeks  $265  $295  $340
4 to 11 weeks  $255  $275 $315
12 to 23 weeks $240  $250  $290
 24 to 31 weeks $220  $235 $270
 32 or more weeks  $215  $230  $265


Fees and other services

Type of fee $CAD Conditions
Registration $150 Valid for 2 years
Books $45 Per 3 levels
Airport pick up $80 One way
Medical insurance $2.5 per day With a Canadian company
Custodianship letter $65 For minors (under 16)
Express mailing fee $70 To send Letter of Acceptance (8 days arrival)

* All prices are in Canadian dollars


– Homestay:

Living with a Canadian family – a ‘homestay’ – is the perfect way to immerse yourself in English on a daily basis. We select friendly host families who will make you feel comfortable. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your English with them.  We carefully choose the families based on your individual needs. For example, if you are allergic to dogs or cats, we will ensure that you stay in an animal-free environment. A homestay will provide you with a furnished room (including a bed, desk, lamp and chair), kitchen and washroom access, hot water and laundry for free. Each day, three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be prepared for you. If you prefer only two meals a day, this can be arranged. Please inform the host family if you are going to miss a meal (for example, if you plan to travel on the weekend).

– Students’ Residence

For those who prefer more privacy, we offer lodging in a students’ residence. This includes either a private or shared bedroom, with desk, lamp and internet. You will have access to a kitchen but you will be in charge of your own meals and laundry. There will also be a lounge (a common area) which you will share with other international students who are also learning English. Living in a students’ residence is an easy way to meet people, especially if you are looking for people to travel with. You will also have a great opportunity to practice your English if you choose to stay in a students’ residence.

Click here to see Accommodation Fees

– Additional lodging options

Toronto has many hostels and hotels if you prefer to arrange your own accommodations.

 Why study English in Toronto?

fun learning language institute winter

Toronto is Canada’s primary tourist destination. It is also the economic engine of the country. The city is the fifth largest in North America, with a greater metropolitan region of six million inhabitants. Toronto boasts the second largest public transit system on the continent. It is famous for its underground train system (the subway) and above-ground trams (streetcars). There is incredible cultural diversity here, with people from every corner of the world. In particular, there are large Chinese, South-Asian, Portuguese, and Latin-American communities. The Caribana parade is the largest single-day parade and largest Caribbean festival in North America.

Tourists can do plenty of things in Toronto. We suggest a visit to “Casa Loma” – a structure resembling a castle, from which you can view the entire downtown skyline. You can go cycling along the edge of an enormous, beautiful lake (Lake Ontario). The Toronto Zoo is the third largest in the world and home to more than 5000 animals. In addition, Toronto is the third largest centre for English language theatre in the world, behind New York City and London. The city also has numerous museums and art galleries, most notably The Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

fun learning language institute HighPark

Why study at Fun Learning Language Institute?

· We are located on Wilson Ave., one of Toronto’s main thoroughfares.  There are many shops and restaurants all along this avenue.  Wilson Avenue is well connected with the rest of Toronto through public transit.  You can depart from our institute and arrive downtown in about 25 minutes. We are located 3 minutes from Wilson Subway Station. (See full address an map)

· We have small groups (maximum 8 students). This way each student gets more personalized training. It also allows each student to participate actively.

· Our approach is based on getting students motivated. As the name of our institution suggests, you will learn far more effectively if you are in a good state of mind.

· All of our teachers are native speakers of the languages they teach. This means they have been speaking the language for their entire lives. It ensures that students are exposed to authentic pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

· Our classes also focus on Anglo-phone culture. Students will become more aware of the differences between their own culture and others.

Why study with Fun Learning Languages? We guarantee that your English will improve. You will study with enthusiastic, certified instructors who strive to make your learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. Further, you will be immersed in English – by interacting with our teachers, and by living with a host family or with other international students of English. Finally, choose Fun Learning Languages because we offer you an opportunity to live in Toronto, one of North America’s finest cities, where there is an infinite number of things to see and do.

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